Investment in hospital cleaners cuts superbugs

C. Difficile and MRSA infections have hit a record low in Scottish hospitals and the government has credited its £50 million investment in new cleaning staff and unannounced inspections.

Gil Paterson, member of the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee, said:

“Hundreds of additional cleaning staff have been brought in and independent, unannounced inspections are carried out to make sure hospitals are as clean as they should be.
“Driving down these infection rates has been a key priority and I am delighted that the £50 million that has been invested in this is paying off.
“There is of course no room for complacency, but the fact that HAIs are at their lowest level ever recorded should be enormously reassuring to patients and their families across Scotland."

The Ontario Health Quality Council has just reported that hospital C. Difficile rates have increased slightly over the last year in Ontario.

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