More legislative attacks from the Liberal/PC twins coming?

It's now apparent that the Pogressive Conservatives will allow the Liberals to batter teachers and school support staff with legislation imposing takeaways.

Even if this legislation does  pass, the question is what will the twin parties do to the rest of the public sector? There is, after all, a lot more bargaining coming up.

Is more legislation coming from the twins?

While I'm no lawyer, sweeping legislation covering all workers in the public sector sounds like it may have more constitutional problems than legislation covering this or that bargaining unit after there has been a genuine attempt by the employer to bargain a collective agreement.

But if the Liberal/PCs have to bring in legislation imposing a compensation freeze and concessions unit by unit, that is going to bring an awful lot of political problems for them.

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  1. The return to 'work' legislation will come bit by bit. However, I don't think the government is too concerned about an ASMO strike. As for OPSEU, they have a rear guard action to fight on behalf of the soon to be privatized ServiceOntario (look for formal announcement, I'm guessing, before bargaining is set to start) workers; negotiating those workers' transition will take much time and energy in these contract talks.