The Mop and Pail's forlorn prayer for better privatization

The editorialists at the Globe and Mail took up the ORNGE disaster today and even they are vexed by the "Public Private Byzantinism" that went on there.

Naturally, however, they are more worried that the episode will stop government from pursuing similar initiatives in the future.  McGuinty and Co.  just have to do it better next time.  

Unfortunately for this line of thought there has been many previous examples of similar problems happening over and over again when public services are commercialized and privatized.  For OCHU's reckoning of just the latest public-private scandals click here.  

If it keeps going wrong, maybe it just is wrong.

The public naturally wants a full accountability for how their money is spent and for how things could be improved.  But private interests naturally do not want to share how they do their business. None less so than private, corporate interests.  It's not good for business.

The twain just don't meet. 

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