Why does the public care about $1.4 M salary at ORNGE?

If ORNGE were a for-profit corporation, it would be of little note that the CEO was paid a measly $1.4 million.  That would put him in the little leagues of corporate big shots.

Indeed, if it were a private corporation no one need ever know. Except that the CEO might like to brag about it. 

The reason the public cares -- and is in fact outraged -- is because ORNGE was supposed to be a non-profit in the broader public sector.  

Privatization of public services changes that salary calculus pretty quickly.  

As part of a broader government move to privatize public services, ORNGE was given pretty much a free run to turn its work over to various private businesses. Indeed, the Deputy Minister of Health when ORNGE was set up, Ron Sapsford, suggested to a legislative committee this week, that the establishment of for-profit subsidiaries was no big deal.

But that was how ORNGE  subverted real public oversight and accountability -- including over the salaries of its public officials.  

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