Public sector employment still lags in Ontario

There has been a lot of claims about how the McGuinty Liberal government has bolstered teachers and other public sector workers.  And in fact they did increase the number of public sector workers as a percent of total employment.

Public sector employment in Ontario as percent of total employment.
Calculated from 282-0089 Statistics Canada CANSIM
But that was starting from an historically low level.  The previous government was the Mike Harris (Ernie Eves) Progressive Conservative government that put a special focus on cutting public services (or at least those that benefit working people).  Naturally, public sector employment hit an historical low during the PC years.  So, the Liberals have increased the percentage from that level, but it's an historically low starting point.

With a longer perspective, the story is different. The attached chart calculates the percentage since Stats Canada CANSIM records began (in 1976). It shows we are still below historical levels.

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